Support the Votes for Women float by buying a yellow rose for friends or relatives to celebrate the victory in 1920.

It takes thousands of roses to decorate a 55-foot long and 18-foot wide float in the Rose Parade® presented by Honda. And our float will be covered with yellow roses to pay tribute to the women who struggled for 72 years to win Women’s Right to Vote. To celebrate that victory, our rose vial program allows you to do the same. Just purchase a rose in a vial and we will put the name of someone you want to honor on that vial, which will hold a rose, that will be used to decorate the Votes for Women Centennial float.

For $20.20 per flower, you will have your chosen names on vials, holding a rose, riding down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, CA, on New Year’s Day in the parade. Flower vials make fun and easy gifts that support our float and make it possible for you to be a part of history by knowing your contribution made a difference. You can purchase up to 10 vials at a time, with different names. Just fill out the online form below and your people will be riding with us into history.

Online Rose Vial Order Form

December 5th – Last day to purchase a Rose Vial